Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Dog Barney

My dog Barney follows me. He runs away and one time he even ran away to school. One time he ate a hole meat loaf off the bench. At night he sleeps on the couch. He jumps up at me. He is fat. When he hears the gate he runs up to it. When we put his food bowl down he runs straight to it. When we go to school he tries to come. His eyes are brown like mine. He is my best  friend. When we are not at home he eats stuff out of the pantry. At night he jumps up on my bed and it gives me a fright. When you say "Barney, pup,pup," he will run to you and jump up at you. One time we thought he had run away. Sometimes he even jumps up on the edge of the couch but he doesn't fall off.  

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